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The IoT has huge potential to improve our lives, but it is currently hampered by uncertainty, caused by a lack of interoperability and security. Anyone looking to build an IoT application is faced with a confusing mix of technologies that may or may not be compatible. To ensure tools work together they must be sourced them from a single provider, with no guarantee that they will work with different systems in the future.

We believe this is wrong and not worthy of the name “Internet”. Nominet believes the IoT should be easy, interoperable and predictable, so that it is simple to build an IoT application as is it to create a website.

Nominet has created the IoT Tools to offer an alternative: a way to create truly open and flexible IoT systems that are not locked-in to a single vendor. Through our experience of building real-world IoT systems, such as the Oxford Flood Network, we have created a set of tools to make it easy to build and manage secure, interoperable and future-proof IoT applications.


Putting The I Into The IoT

The IoT Tools are designed to address specific pain-points in the process of creating and running an IoT application, building upon our hands-on IoT experience. At the heart of the tools is the IoT Registry, which uses the established, scalable and proven capabilities of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS), updating it for the IoT age.

We created these tools using both our extensive experience of building real-world IoT systems and our track record of running a core, trusted part of the Internet infrastructure. Flexibility and openness has been built into every aspect of the Tools, enabling you to build an IoT system using any software, hardware or network provider, and being able to just as easy to change it in the future.

Nominet IoT Tools

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