Smart Cities

Smart Cities could transform urban living. From self-driving vehicles to intelligent power grids, the vision for a Smart City uses technology to balance limited resources against the demands of a growing population.


Like the Internet of Things, there are many challenges to overcome before Smart Cities become a reality. At the moment, there are still very few good examples of cities with smart technology in place that really benefits its citizens, local authorities or businesses. So, to move things forward, we’re focusing on how digital solutions can be found for current city issues – rather than creating new technologies that can’t be applied to real environments.

Getting hands on

We’re putting our ideas into practice as part of the Smart Oxford initiative. Focusing on the real demands of a connected city through a realistic lens, we’re applying our expertise in data management, IoT connectivity and internet security to tackle city challenges. What we learn here will position us well to develop practical Smart City services and products that can be applied across the UK and worldwide.

Working with us

It will take lots of different organisations working together to take Smart Cities off the drawing board. Whether a large business or small enterprise, our R&D team is always looking for new partners. Have you got innovative ideas you’d like to trial?

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