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There are thousands of registrars offering a wide range of Internet services.

If you are looking to register or renew a .uk domain name, you might find our list of registrars below helpful.

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We cannot recommend one registrar over another, but you can read our advice for choosing the right registrar for you. To help you with your search, we provide below a list of registrars, which is generated at random.

You can use the search box to search by tag or registrar name. A ‘tag’ is a unique sequence of letters and/or numbers used to identify a registrar by.

Some registrars also hold an ‘accredited’ status as indicated in the table. Our Accredited Channel Partners have committed to providing higher standards of data quality and customer service. To look for all Accredited Channel Partner tag holders use the search box and type the word ‘Accredited’.

You can also click on the table headings to sort by tag, registrar or accreditation status.

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